Automated cloud savings at no effort,
no commit, and reduced risk 

Maximise savings and eliminate waste with
automated cloud optimisation AI by CloudCMx.

Savings Plans and Reservations provide significant benefit,
but come with drawbacks

Although Savings Plans and Reservations provide up to 70% discount, they do come with drawbacks when purchased natively from AWS.

Financial Risk

  • Reduced workloads causing over provisioning, leaving you stuck with unutilised commitments
  • Changed workloads causing mis-matched commitments
  • Manual actions resulting in purchasing the incorrect type/quantity

Limited Savings

  • Can’t achieve 100% coverage without risk exposure
  • RI/Savings Plans commit-term is kept to 1-year, typically halving the savings

Labour Intensive

  • High purchase and renewal effort, incl. Engineering-Finance coordination
  • Educational effort around how RIs/ Savings Plans work
  • Monitoring effort around utilisation and coverage
  • Coordination effort to address any underutilisation

CloudCMx AutoOptimiser addresses these challenges providing no-commit, near-100% coverage and utilization on 3-year no-upfront savings plans.

What AutoOptimiser Offers


Average infrastructure covered with savings


Average discount


Fee based on savings realised


Utilisation of commitments



Business implications

Better margins

Lower prices for the end customer

Can migrate to AWS with less worry about right sizing first

Creates more incentive to nudge customers towards their AWS cloud offering

Technical implications

Very low effort (less RI/SP education, analysis, planning, monitoring, triaging underutilization, and renewal effort)

No commit (whilst enjoying 3yr RI/SP discounts)

Much lower risk (avg. 99.5% RI/SP utilization, no over overcommit risk)

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